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Greenway, the leading conservatory specialists in the South Wales and West area, offers a gable end conservatory design, which is a variant on the popular Edwardian conservatory and creates a higher roof feel while offering a variety of gable end designs including the popular sunburst.

With the high pitch of their roofs, gable end conservatories create an internal and external stunning visual impact, as well as a real sense of height and space.

Built to meticulously high standards, Greenway’s gable end conservatories offer superior technical performance, as well as outstanding levels of security and warmth, in addition to reducing noise and maintenance requirements.

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If you think a gable end conservatory would complete your home, please contact Greenway to arrange a free site survey. You can find our Freephone telephone number and email address on our contact page.

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Full height glass or dwarf wall designs, as well as various colour and woodgrain frame options are available on all gable end conservatories, all of which come with 28mm or 35mm polycarbonate roofing systems as standard. If more ventilation is needed for your gable end conservatory, manual or automatic roof vents can be built in as required. Another popular choice with our customers is the option of upgrading to a solar control, self-cleaning glass roof on your gable end conservatory.

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