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Whether you are looking for an traditional Edwardian or Victorian style conservatory or a more modern bespoke coloured conservatory with an enhance self-cleaning glass roof, Greenway has a range of sizes, shapes, styles and colour finishes to give you the inspiration to help you make your choice.

By choosing Greenway, you will get a professionally fitted low maintenance, thermally-efficient double glazed conservatory or orangery that has been manufactured from state of the art uPVC, adding a bespoke, stunning, light and airy extension to your home that blends perfectly with your property.

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View our range of replacement PVCU Conservatories, available in a vast range of shapes and styles and woodgrain colour finishes.


Add a bespoke, stunning, light and airy extension to your home that blends perfectly with your property.


View our range of replacement PVCU Windows, available in a range of styles and woodgrain colour finishes.


View our range of replacement PVCU Doors, available in a vast range of styles and woodgrain colour finishes.

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Our Choices double glazed conservatory range comes in a wide range of colours and woodgrain effect finishes as standard. Whether you want a standard white lean-to conservatory or a customised bespoke t-shape orangery, which comes in a variety of colours, from green, black, golden oak or rosewood finished, Greenwood can meet all your conservatory requirements. You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of optional upgrades available for your conservatory, from decorative glass and different coloured finished handles, to hinges, vents and gable ends.

We also supply and install PVCU windows and doors in a variety of styles and woodgrain finishes that compliment your conservatory.

Choosing Conservatories Cardiff and Orangeries Cardiff

If you’ve been considering having a conservatories Cardiff or Orangeries Cardiff built, there are a few very important considerations to make. However, first it’s a smart idea to understand the subtle differences between the two (Conservatories Cardiff and Orangeries Cardiff), which will allow you to make a well informed choice. It’s possible that during your initial “shopping around” phase that some individuals might use the terms interchangeably, but an orangery is actually quite different from a conservatory, and vice versa. Let’s examine what make both of these delightful constructions unique.

An orangery is a building either inside or separate from your home that was originally invented during the 17th century. Wealthy people tended to have them, as they were very much in vogue during that period. These buildings or rooms were similar to greenhouses, except they were used for—you guessed it—orange and other citrus trees, such as lemon trees.

Orangeries Cardiff are useful since, as with a greenhouse, the indoor environment will protect citrus trees or other flora from harsh winter weather. “Orangery” was the term originally used for these rooms or buildings, but as time has passed and citrus fruit has become far less rare or expensive than it once was, they’re more frequently used for other kinds of trees, plants, and shrubs. However, the name has stuck.

A conservatory Cardiff is a building or room which was likely inspired by the original orangeries used several hundred years ago. In most cases, Conservatories Cardiff were used for shrubs, herbs, and plants, rather than citrus trees. This, as you might be able to imagine, means that Conservatories Cardiff can be considered such while still being considerably smaller than an orangery, as less room is required for this type of plant life.

Conservatories Cardiff are noted not only for their glass walls—as with an orangery in Cardiff or greenhouse—but also their glass ceilings. This is to allow as much natural light as possible to nurture the plants within. It’s also worth noting that while it’s possible for Conservatories Cardiff to be a structure that’s separate from your home, which isn’t terribly uncommon, generally speaking a conservatory is an extension or attachment to your house.

What are Modern Conservatories Cardiff and Orangeries Cardiff Like?

Thanks to significant developments in construction and development technology, it’s far easier and more affordable to have Conservatories Cardiff or orangery Cardiff today than it used to be even a century ago. As a result of this, most of the time Cardiff residents choose to have a Conservatories Cardiff or orangery built as an extension to their already existing home, although it is still quite possible to have an elegant separate structure built nearby.

Whether you choose to have your conservatory or orangery built in Cardiff as a new part of your home is a worthwhile consideration, as both will have some pros and cons to think about. However, whether you choose to add on an extension to your house or remodel a currently existing room which is suitable for the purpose of an indoor room of this type, or if you decide to have it built as a separate structure, you’ll be adding value and elegance to your property.

Let’s examine some of the things you may wish to consider before having one of these rooms built either indoors or outdoors.

The following are some of the pros of having your Conservatories Cardiff or orangery Cardiff built indoors as an extension to your home:

  • Adds a unique, elegant room to your home that’s sure to impress your guests.
  • You’ll have easier access to your conservatory or orangery, as it’ll simply be another room in your home. This is particularly convenient during the cold winter months so that you don’t have to don heavy clothing and travel outdoors.
  • In the long run, having a conservatory or orangery as an extension of your house may be more energy efficient and therefore cheaper, as you won’t be paying the additional electric costs of maintaining the temperature in a separate building.
  • You’ll be able to decorate and design the conservatory or orangery in whatever way you choose; soon we’ll discuss popular themes and design elements.

The following are some of the pros of having your conservatory or orangery constructed as a separate building outside of your home:

  • The first most noticeable benefit of having your conservatory or orangery constructed as a separate building is the fact that you won’t have to deal with ongoing construction to add an extension onto your house!
  • A separate structure can often be cheaper initially, however as we discussed above, please take into consideration your possible energy costs—in your unique situation, the difference may be nominal.
  • Having a private, separate building to visit can be highly desirable if you’d prefer to have a good reason to “change things up” and leave your house every so often.
    Outdoor conservatories or orangeries can often be made to be considerably larger than if you extend your home or remodel an existing room.

The decision of whether to put your conservatory or orangery indoors or as a separate structure is largely based upon your personal preference, space allowance, budget, and how you’ve envisioned it. Speaking with your contractor can often help you decide as well—it might be easier to have one of these rooms put in as an extension to your currently existing home than you might imagine.

Speaking of which, an indoor conservatory or orangery is, if within your budget and space allowance, an excellent choice. These rooms can beautify your home in a very unique and striking way. Depending on how you decide to proceed, it’s possible to have a totally customized design and construction. If you opt to have a conservatory, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’ll want to have it built as an extension of your house.

Considering Design Elements and Aesthetics of Conservatories Cardiff

As for the design of the Conservatories Cardiff or orangery in Cardiff that’s going to be added on to your home, you may benefit from considering how you’d like it to look well in advance before construction begins. Possible questions to ask yourself are among the following:

  • Will the Conservatories Cardiff or orangery have the same décor and features as the rest of your home, or will it have a considerably different and defining look that’s all its own?
  • Does the area in which the room is planned to be constructed receive enough natural light for the kinds of plant life you intend to nurture?
  • Will you want any particularly unique or rare design elements, such as specific kinds of bricks or glass?
  • What additional furniture or accessories would you like to have in your conservatory or orangery? Will there be enough room?

Orangeries Cardiff are typically decorated a bit differently than the rest of your house. One of the most popular choices to adorn the room is brickwork, although this may extend your budget by a fair amount depending on how much you wanted. However, bricks offer the benefit of not only an elegant appearance, but also their heat- and cool-retaining properties.

In general, Conservatories Cardiff will likely match the rest of your home’s décor, serving to enhance your living space by providing a space for lush, green or colorful plant life. However, with either an orangery or a conservatory, the design and decorating decisions are ultimately up to you—they can be made to look however you like.

A final important consideration is the style of glass which will be used to allow the natural sunlight to pour into your Conservatories Cardiff or Cardiff orangery. A very effective and popular choice is double glazed glass. This is because glass which has been glazed twice will—similar to the brickwork we just talked about—help to maintain a constant temperature in the room. Depending on the style of plants that you’ll be growing, this could range from moderately important to extremely important. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about what kinds of plants you’d like to grow before beginning construction.

Final Thoughts on Conservatories Cardiff & Orangeries Cardiff

Now that you understand the general history and differences between Conservatories Cardiff and an orangery as well as some of the most popular (and functional) decorating options, you should be able to make a well informed decision. Remember also to keep in mind what kinds of plants you’ll be growing. Temperatures, how much space you have at your disposal, and several other factors should play a part in your decision making process. The room won’t just be part of your home, it’ll also be home to new and exciting plant life.

When choosing to work with a contractor, be sure to inquire as to whether they’ve ever built an orangery or a conservatory before. If they have, odds are they’ll be more than happy to share with you pictures from their portfolio. This can help give you inspiration or ideas that you might not have considered on your own—and the best part is, you’ll know that your contractor is already capable of making these kinds of designs. Once your Conservatories Cardiff or orangery is built, you’ll have a luxurious, elegant, and totally private place to enjoy the wonders of botany.

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